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  1. Awesome!! Looks great! This is exactly what I was looking for, the spotlight suggestion definetley helps. I'll see if I can find a better lighting option than what GM offers. So far I'm thinking about Rough Country...
  2. If I was getting that same bar than does it matter or are you that dense, bro...
  3. Appreciate the reply, could have done without the jab at the end... I'm sure I could find something stupid on your truck but I'm not a dick like that.
  4. Looking at getting the Chevy Accessory sport bar and wanted to get some opinions on good lighting options. Not very interested in a light bar, but I'd be willing to see everyone's opinion.
  5. Added 2.25" Southern Truck Leveling Kit, HD LUXX 20x9" wheels, AMP Terrain Attack tires @ 285/55 -12 offset Loving the look and ride so far...
  6. Yea the before and after are not much different... She is going back. Thanks guys!
  7. So I just got a 2.25 inch leveling kit put on my Silverado 1500 4x4 and also got an alignment as part of the package (kept the stock wheels and tires for now). Everything looks good with the alignment except for the front left and right toe and total toe. Left front is 0.53 to the right (red) Right front is 0.41 to the left (red) Total toe is 0.94 to the right (red) Steer ahead is 0.06 barely off center to the right (red) Is this normal? Should I get another alignment? Thanks!
  8. Dealer IMHO Famous last words... "It'll be just fine"
  9. Watching this thread... I haven't even considered Eibach till now.
  10. Yea new for 2019, thanks! Lol... now that I know where to find it I can go back to being ignorant of its existence, it doesn't really bother me.
  11. Oh ok, so basically you only see it on the fuel economy screen? Makes sense... I always drive with the digital speedo running and will only look at fuel economy screen after I've parked.
  12. Sorry if this comes off as dumb... Do all 5.3's really have AFM? I've had my truck for awhile now and have yet to see the V8 light or V4 light on while driving... This has concerned me to the point where I was worried I had a 6 cylinder, which I don't. Thanks!
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