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  1. I took it to Chevrolet because I thought that would be more suitable but now I do want to find a good performance shop to run a configuration data file. Do you think the techs at Chevy could have spotted a problem w the lifters or stabilizers when they replaced the injectors? I’m no mechanic but I think they had to had opened the block to change those injectors wouldn’t they?
  2. Exhaust sounds regular. The code read p050d Rough Idle Cold start. It was injectors; I replaced that. I still feel a weird idle when I let go of the gas. It slows down slightly hard 2sec after I let go of the gas Do y’all think i should maybe start with spark plugs and coils?
  3. The temperature gauge doesn’t mark that it’s overheating or smell like it but then again some component may be bad or worn out to cause the truck to work extra hard. The dealership had to have seen if something else was bad when replacing injectors right? Like the stabilizers or lifters
  4. 2016 Silverado LTZ 5.3L I had 8 injectors replaced at Chevrolet 5/13/19. Code read p050d (NoWarranty) Check engine light had come on before but it would go away. I just now took it in for injectors. Every time I’m in heavy traffic I get home and it ticks almost like a Diesel. Im saying diesel because I had a gas 2005 F150 that sounded like a diesel. There is No check engine Light on now. I know something is wrong. What could be the problem? What is it that can cause the motor to work extra hard and feel strained. I still feel a rough idle when I let go of the gas.
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