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  1. possibility of the place that it happened at having cameras on the parking lot?
  2. I get that, still don't think I could knowingly feel good about selling it to someone else since I know that it is an issue without telling them that upfront. Maybe the amount GM gave you would make up for the amount you'd have to mark down the truck to get someone to buy a lemon.
  3. I wonder how re-selling that truck would go. Does the OP tell them that it was in a Lemon situation, or do they screw over whoever buys the truck by not being able to say anything?
  4. I know compared to others this is minor, but I'm taking my truck to the dealer later this week for service. Worth bringing up? Truck is a 2015 with 30k miles. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  5. Not necessarily today, but early last week. Got fronts tinted and windshield strip added.
  6. That's terrible to hear. I enjoyed your truck build. The Rhino D6s are what I want to add to my truck. Also considering the Falken Wildpeaks for my next set of tires. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  7. Anyone running the Cooper AT3 XLT tires? I've done some searching using google, but have not seen any posts from people who actually have the XLTs. I know they are a relatively new tire, also how is the ride difference between the load P that comes stock vs load E that comes in the XLTs?
  8. ahh, cool. I was just curious about that. That's a nice function to have.
  9. That is such a nice clean look. I like it. How hard is it to set the winch to free spool since it is behind the bumper?
  10. Long time Chevy owner, first time owning a Silverado. 2015 with 26k miles.
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