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  1. Have a credit score well over 850 and was only offered a 7.5% over 72 months with GM. Took it for the incentives and just finished refinancing at a 3.75% rate before the first payment was due to GM. Once I set up autopay the 3.75% rate will drop to 3.5%. Definitely worth shopping around.
  2. My USB ports randomly won't work. Pretty annoying when I need to get directions off of Android Auto.
  3. Is there a site which lists the latest infotainment updates?
  4. I just picked up a new 2019 LT Silverado and think my stereo may be broken. When I first received the truck I was able to listen to the radio (AM & FM), as well as Sirius with the volume turned to around a quarter of the dial to get a normal sound level with the windows closed. Now I need to push the volume up to half the dial to get a similar output and the sound is somewhat tinny. The one weird thing is that the built-in Spotify app sounds great and plays at the normal level when the volume is at a quarter of the dial. Anybody else have a similar issue or is this just par for the course for the stock radio? I have the 8inch screen system without Bose if that matters. Thanks!
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