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  1. I'm gonna keep the bumper. I actually like the look of it better
  2. I'll throw my work truck in there 2014 High Country 6.2L Full air ride with 3 link wishbone Accuair e-level Colormatched front end Painted mirror caps and debadge 26x9 and 26x12 billet specialties
  3. Bagged by Finesse Concepts out of humble 26x9 26x12 3 link wishbone
  4. these work for a 2014? from what ive read the 14s had different wiring? could be wrong though
  5. Painter is painting my sideview mirrors on my 14 silverado. He took the glass out but now cant get it back in. Searched the forums but cant find what I need so any tips on putting the glass back in? They're dl3 mirrors not sure if that makes a difference
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