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  1. Mine has been in production all last week. Dealer received a vin. too. I check everyday on the Chevy website for updates and keep getting different answers. One told me my truck was built and all the others say its in the production department but can't give me anything specific. Very frustrating. Anyhow, my dealer had 3 come in. 1 ltz in red, an lt in white and I'm not sure what the 3rd was. I had to stop by and look, gotta say, in person they are really nice looking.
  2. Does anyone have an idea about adapters for the puck systems? Does a company make a universal one? I have a B&W Patriot that is new. I'd hate to have to buy another hitch.
  3. My production date is this week. How long does production last? Then how long to ship? Are there any trucks that have been delivered yet?
  4. Who uses what brand? Metal vs. Poly? Just starting my research.
  5. My truck is officially ordered. Is there a way to get a type of tracking number to find out the progress? Or do I need to bug the dealer every other day (lol)?
  6. Hey all, first post...just ordered my 2020 Diesel, LTZ. My dealer here in CA just got their pricing, but still know nothing about the trucks. Does anyone have info on the interior? Specifically, if there is a difference in the look of a Z71 versus regular LTZ. If I remember correctly the older models had a different look between the two, the wood grain inserts and the silver trim was different.
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