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  1. When looking at RV dry weights in a brochure they list them with no water and no cargo and no options such as a generator. If you look at an RV in person it will have a Mfg weight on it and it will be different than the brochure. They did on mine include a Full load of propane and generator fuel in the Mfg weight. In my case that would equal 40 gals in the toy hauler tank. I just bought a new Talon and its mfg listed weights are 11,780 total and 2340 for the pin. I took it immediately to a cat scale to see what it really weighed. Trailer weighed in at 11,540 total with a Pin weight of 2440. Mine has the added generator in the front compartment that added Pin weight. No fuel in the 40 gal tank subtracted from the total weight. From what I have heard is they make the Toyhauler Pin weights heavy so when pulling loaded in the rear there is enough weight to keep the back end from waggling. I have not weight mine with the toys in it yet but with weight in the back it could take a little off the PIN as counter weight? Over the years I don't worry so much about cargo or GVW ratings. I worry about Axle weight ratings and tire ratings.
  2. Completely stock 2015 2500 HD 6.0 - 14 mpg on my normal commute 65 - 70 mph highway. Last weekend pulling 13K 5th wheel - 65 mph getting 7 - 7.5 mpg. I am currently talking with Black Bear about a tune but it will require 91 octane for best power results.. They say maybe 1-2 mpg better.
  3. Mine was doing it during some nasty rainy snowy slushy days this past winter. I suspected moisture in the plug. It appeared mostly dry but I sprayed wd-40 liberally in there and it has not come back since...
  4. On my 2015 2500HD 6 spd trans if you have the manual mode in 2nd gear at a stop it will take off in 2nd gear. Not sure what the newer 8 and 10 speeds do but my 6L90 trans will down shift automatically as needed in manual but will not upshift without being told to in Manual mode.
  5. You said you changed the oil a couple days ago, did you see or look for glitter in it? A chewed up cam and lifter usually leaves something in the oil. No glitter, I would open it up. 15 hrs seems high just for tear down..... 175K, there is plenty of life left in it.
  6. On the LS motors lifter replacement does involve removing the Cylinder heads so it is a bigger job than most engines. No hard to do just more involved and costly at any shop.
  7. I just did the same thing with my 2015 2500hd 6L90 trans. With the 2500 you don't have to worry about the exhaust pipe though. I welded a bung to the out side of the pan and used a short drain plug so it does not protrude into the pan at all. I also used a new GM pan bought at Rock Auto for $13..... I will now change fluid every year..... Another bonus of the 2500 is there is no Trans cooler thermostat. Even in summer temps pulling a 10,000 lb trailer I have never seen over 180 degree fluid. Mostly 150 - 160 out on the highway. At 40,000 miles my fluid was still red and smelled ok.
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