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  1. Will my MPG hurt if I install Exhaust?

    I will call them on the morning then thanks for the heads up.
  2. Will my MPG hurt if I install Exhaust?

    Yeah the only problem with my 19 is that it's a legacy model. Meaning 18 bodystyle with bits and parts of both 19 and 18 trucks. The exhaust GM has I've asked and called GM and they said it's not made for my truck. True when getting an exhaust no one thinks about the MPG just how good it sounds. But I am just doing it to get a bit more engine noise for towing purposes.
  3. Will my MPG hurt if I install Exhaust?

    My dad's Escalade has a manual latch where you can turn the flap open and close and it sits roughly at the edge of the exit side of the muffler. There was no way on his truck the keep the flap and remove the muffler.
  4. Will my MPG hurt if I install Exhaust?

    You got a picture of what you did? I might just go that route instead of putting a new exhaust.
  5. Will my MPG hurt if I install Exhaust?

    Yeah I just need more engine noise not for pleasure but for when I'm going up steep grades fully loaded I like to control my gears my self so I like to hear the engine so I have an idea if I need to downshift or upshift i dont want to blow up the engine up know. But i will have to look into that because I know it has a flap but I dont know where it is. I thought removing the muffler it will also remove the flap like it did in the Camaro.
  6. Will my MPG hurt if I install Exhaust?

    I get what you are saying but I have no time on the Camaro. Plus after research I found out the the car flowed more air and as a result of more low end torque and better throttle response was the reason it wasted more gas. But my other issue is the flap that comes with the stock truck exhaust. Because when I had stock exhaust on the Camaro the flap will close at 70MPH when it's in V4 mode. I used 1/2 tank Vegas. I pulled the fuse and the flaps stayed open the whole way in another run to Vegas but this time it used 1/4 tank more. Using that experience with the whole flaps thing. I wonder if the back pressure the flap creates when the truck is in V4 mode if its removed will it hurt the MPG. I does hurt it in my Camaro and I havent test my dad's Cadillac escalade which also has the same flap. Will it hurt the truck. I dont go wild out in the truck I dont dennard starts and I never go full throttle in the truck. I drive my truck like a grandma so my foot ain't a issue.
  7. Will my MPG hurt if I install Exhaust?

    Yeah that's my biggest concern because even on stock exhaust on Camaros when you cruise at highway speed of 70MPH when it kicks down to V4 mode the flaps close even in track mode. I pulled the fuse and now with the same highway speed and same run it wasted more gas. So using that logic I was wondering if it will affect my MPG because of the flapper. I mean it is there for a reason right? Removing it will hurt my MPG some is my thought because I no longer have the flap.
  8. Will my MPG hurt if I install Exhaust?

    I just need more engine noise I am use to Camaros and Corvettes. I was a truck driver so I am use to the noise. I need the noise back so i know if i am straining the engine going up and down.
  9. Will my MPG hurt if I install Exhaust?

    What cant a person ask a question without getting judged? I just want to make sure I am right about what I already know. Apparently I am wrong because I always thought a exhaust decreases your MPG. My Camaro I do Autocross in has a X pipe Borla exhaust system and at the tank seems like I get more power but my MPG hurts. Use only use 2 tanks per race. Now I use 2 1/2 to 3 tanks.
  10. Will my MPG hurt if I install Exhaust?

    So if I dont change my driving style and I just keep driving how I drive now I'll be fine? Like I said I do mostly highway and drive no faster than 65MPH loaded or empty I always drive that speed.
  11. Will my MPG hurt if I install Exhaust?

    Because I run a business now and I tow a lot the reason why I want an exhaust is because I want to hear the engine not better going up and downhills. And if I lose 3 to 5 MPG in the long run my fuel expenses do catch up. I usually drive the truck at 55MPH towing or 65MPH with 1700lbs in the bed. I build speed gradually not jerk the start because I am trying to keep my truck for at least 200k miles.
  12. I have 2019 Silverado 1500LD stock to the bone. If install a cat back exhaust just a simple street 40 series flowmaster or a super10 flowmaster. Will it hurt my MPG? IF so do yall know by how much? I've never owned a truck I've only owned Camaros and Corvettes so this Pickup Ownership is new to me.
  13. Hey guys so I have a 2019 Silverado 1500LD with a 3.42 rear end with 11k on the clock. I've been noticing that my engine or coolant temp goes passed 210F but when it hits the next 1/8 gauge stick it goes back down passed the middle mark to 190°F. Is that normal for 7000 pounds uphill towing in 95°F weather. Talking about the 5N grapevine in Cali for those who know the climb.
  14. Towing MPG

    I dont know if I have a say in this but, I have a 2019 Silverado 1500LD with a 3.42 rear end. I pulled 7000 pounds from Cal State Los Angeles to East Tucson, AZ. I filled up in Cudahy, CA then drove to Cal State. I arrived to Tucson with a 1/8 tank and I have a 24 gallon tank. I averaged 62MPH. Did I do something different.
  15. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    My 2019 Silverado 1500LD just got great gas mileage. Not sure the exact number but I drove from Cudahy, CA to California State university of Los Angeles to pick up a car and towed it on a flatbed all the way to Tucson, AZ and still had 1/8 tank. I filled in Cudahy, CA. I have a 24 gallon tank and drove 62 MPH average the whole way.

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