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  1. I am 5'10" 240 and seat fits good but the front middle sit it hard as a rock.
  2. My bad but yall can see it copy paste I thought the blue words were links.
  3. Honestly I dont think it will hurt it in fact it might do it a favor. I've seen I'm my truck the shift up or down are much smoother and accurate when I tow haul mode. The downshift without it on can be harsh at times but with it on its butter smooth.
  4. Dont forget Silverados do better in sagging. Unlike Ram without the air suspension and Ford. Chevy has always holded the weight better. Less sagging when towing or a loaded bed. My friend has a ford and me a chevy. Payload on mine it 1950 and his is 2183. We loaded the trucks with 1700lbs each and his truck say way lower than mine. My truck was level and his truck was almost bottomed out. I seen Rams also who sag way to mich without air suspension but even that fails really fast. Chevy might not have the best interior in style or looks but it's a danm truck what should matter is how safely you can feel while towing it have a loaded bed and chevy has always out performed all trucks.
  5. Assigned GM RPO code PDB and priced at $395, the Dark Essentials Package for the 2020 Silverado HD gives the heavy duty pickup truck black badges, including: Black front Bow Tie logo (SFZ) Black Silverado nameplate (RIK) Black 2500HD/3500HD model plate (RIK) Black trim nameplates (RIK) Black tailgate decal lettering (SB7) The package is an LPO / dealer-installed option available on the 2020 Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD models, but not on the Silverado 3500HD Chassis Cab (Chassis Cab) variant.
  6. Look Ram my have the numbers right now, but my uncle bought one so did his son and my dad because they love the screen and tech on the truck. My uncle at 6 months it was a lemon. His son at 8 months. And my dad at 11 months. All from electric failures bad brake systems. Dead engine after a 100 mile tow, Trans went out twice on my dad's truck and once on my uncle and about to go out on his son. See point is they my have the tech and flashy crap but what good is it? It all falls apart and it feels really cheap. They have quantity over quality. Quality and materials used in those trucks are just bad. They went back to GMC and Chevy. My dad bought a Denali my uncle a sierra and his son a Silverado. And I still have my Silverado.
  7. I have a 2019 Silverado 1500 Legacy, my dip stick is on the driver side, but is it me or is the dil stick really in there? I can reach it when I pop the hood I need a step to get the thing. Is there any dio stick replacements that can make it longer cause hell I think I got short arms or that thing is really in there almost behind the rear header.
  8. If you did service on your trans at 120k and then went out 25 miles later I would say that the mechanic probably has something to do with it. If it helps anyone I have a 2019 Legacy Silverado. So I have parts of both 19 and 18 models. I have a 6 speed with 3.42. My tech guy says GM recommends 45k to change trans and filter but he recommends more at 35k to 40k. And with regular trucks no towing at least at 60k to 70k. At 100k have the sensors and computer checked out too because the computer and sensors can also destroy the trans because remember everything is computer controlled.
  9. I have a 26 gallon tank I know because I let the light go ine and only 24 gallons went in
  10. I know I will not blow anything up put going up hill I am losing speed at that RPM and usually when I go up grapevine with 9100lbs I need to be within 4600 to 5600RPM
  11. They do but I've have come across where even at 2800 to 3400 RPMS the engine sounded like it still needed to downshift again but the tow haul mod wouldn't let it drop another gear. So I like to go more based of engine noise instead of the tac.
  12. Yeah the only problem with my 19 is that it's a legacy model. Meaning 18 bodystyle with bits and parts of both 19 and 18 trucks. The exhaust GM has I've asked and called GM and they said it's not made for my truck. True when getting an exhaust no one thinks about the MPG just how good it sounds. But I am just doing it to get a bit more engine noise for towing purposes.
  13. My dad's Escalade has a manual latch where you can turn the flap open and close and it sits roughly at the edge of the exit side of the muffler. There was no way on his truck the keep the flap and remove the muffler.
  14. You got a picture of what you did? I might just go that route instead of putting a new exhaust.
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