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  1. Hey Jim Thanks for the welcome. The issue isnt so much the brightness of the light. it is the angle it is facing. it points straight down to the ground basically. You can barely see the street because of the adjustment being out of wack. I was thinking it was because it is aftermarket housings. If I part on a speed bump or curb it shines down road nice. just wasnt sure if aftermarket is junk compared to the OEM or if I just need to modify the housings. Someone even said LED doesnt work well with the OEM housings.
  2. Hey guys I read a few posts but still have issues. I bought my '14 with aftermarket headlights. they look great and all that but not bright at all. changed the bulbs to a 6500k LED the to a halogen style with the same results. Also they are aimed barely 10ft out from the front of the truck. I have adjusted them as high as they would go and now the screw is stripped. Kinda going in circles here. is it the housings that I need to change out because I have tried 3 different style bulbs and cant see barely at all at night time. any help is appreciated.
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