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  1. What about the 120v outlet in the box? i didn't really see anything on it, on a SLT i built it shows the one in the cab but doesn't say anything about the box. How do you get the box outlet?
  2. leather is an option on a SLE. what option do you need on an slt to get the 360, is that called the surround view? Honestly i've seen it and i'm not that impressed so wasn't planning on getting it anyway. However, I would like the ability to connect a camera from the trailer into the pickup so I can see behind the trailer. What is needed for this to happen?
  3. Thank you for the help! can you get the high intensity headlamps on a SLE? I'm looking at a 3500 crew cab long box, so I don't want the roof clearance lights. However it seems like they are automatically included in some packages. Is there anyway to get them removed so they aren't included, even if you get that package?
  4. I am looking at ordering a new 2020. I keep debating between an SLE and SLT. Other than the obvious of being able to get air cooled seats, Bosie, and wireless charging options that aren't available on a sle. Is there anything an SLT comes with standard the SLE can't get as an option? Or is there anything i need to watch out for? Such as does the slt automatically have better brighter lights? Can a SLE be optioned with power folding and sliding mirrors? It looks like the big things like a bed view camera for 5th wheel, headed seats and steering wheel, bucket seats, and navigation are all things i can get on an sle. Really the only thing on the slt i would want is air cooled seats but that isn't as needed with cloth. For the "invisible" trailer deal, or rear trailer camera is that included in the "pro grade trailering" package which includes the trailer app. Why are the 20" wheels a $1400 option for an slt but a $1700 option on sle???? i don't want 20's anyway but found that a bit odd. Also is there anyway to order one with out the roof marker lights? i really don't like them. I see in some packages they are "smoked" but does that mean all HD's have roof lights???
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