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  1. Holy crap. Sorry man. Never saw it. Sorry about that. Yeah price is for both Complete as pictured shipped to lower 48.
  2. You can order diff color bolts and buttons if you want https://www.ajtdesign-llc.com/
  3. AJT makes cool Fobs. I’m selling mine. Paid $70 plus shipping. I believe I have more buttons if needed. These are strong fobs. Do not use loctite. Do not over torque Allen bolts $40 shipped to lower 48 (for both) The AJT fobs are all I’m selling not the OEM fobs. Pictured for reference. Im at zip 23430 paypal accepted ill post pics as they fit so check the replies for more pics. Thanks.
  4. Accept PayPal $300 shipped I paid $433 Will include receipt My location is 23430 No cutting wires - plug n play This is a cool plug n play option to add more power to your stereo. I hooked mine up and ran it over to the cubby hole above the glove box and fit perfectly. Was in my 17 Silverado with 8” CarPlay set up. Comes with everything you see the harness and alpine amp. It’s about 1 year old and looks and performs like brand new. ships to lower 48
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