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  1. Hey bud, curious where did you mount your Micro-Relay. Ive got all my stuff in just about and will start soon. Running a relay, add a circuit, switch and the lights of course. Just curious where and how you mounted that little relay - I have ideas but like to pick other peoples work as well - thanks
  2. I’ll revisit this soon but looks like I’ll do an add a fuse to relay to switch and be done with it.
  3. Ok - yeah I can run a switch, but I was trying to go with the "No thought at all" install - where when my lights are on the cab lights are on. I will post pics of the harness area I should be able to use but none of the pins "go hot" with key on and when parking or headlights are turned on Pins stay the same in all modes: - No Key - Key On - Lights On pins remain the same - see pic I included a pic of another forum members pic utilizing the harness, I feel like I am missing something, Wont install the cab lights until I have my entire plan set
  4. I have read that and probably every other thread but where they mentioned you need power at a certain pin I don’t appear to have power there so I was looking for an alternative as others have mentioned they have done but just did not give more info or updated pics
  5. The lights I’m referring to are the roof top lights (cab clearance lights). There is supposed pre wired areas etc and wanted to see everyone’s wiring jobs I want my cab lights to come on with my parking lights/headlights
  6. Thanks - been using multi meter all over the truck - Im a very visual person if you have any pics that would help me a lot - thanks
  7. Ive read every thread I could find on cab light install on the Silverado. I have installed several but this is my first time with a 14-18 Silverado 1500. Every thread about adding cab lights go into some parts of the install but never include the wiring aspect Ive see all the mention about the harness and pins on the passenger side fuse box area - Ive tested every pin, none of which go "hot" when running lights are switched on. Im guessing I can just run my power wire to the in cab light switch or the headlight area but..... I just don't have much info on which wires what - so I have been using multi meter like crazy and still don't have a solid game plan yet for when I install my lights I'd really like to see everyones "wire jobs" it would be appreciated and if possible mention where you grounded your set up. Thanks
  8. Ok NEW question... tested pin 3. It’s hot even when truck is off and no key in ignition.... I’m looking for the pin that’s hot all the time or just when running lights are on?
  9. Pin 3 appears to have power - where did you run your ground? Thanks for the help!
  10. Can someone tell me which pin is #3 2017 Silverado 1500 passenger side fuse box thanks!
  11. Do you Still have the punch? Im tackling cab lights soon and looking to buy the square punch.
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