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  1. I had a set on my previous truck, put 45k miles on them, and never had any issues with them, maybe I just got a set that wasn’t made on a Monday or Friday
  2. Front - 39 3/4 Rear - 40 3/4 I had the one inch rake before the lift. If you have at least 1.5” - 2” factory rake, then doing the 2” lift with your 1.5” leveling kit, you’d be sitting pretty close to level. The 2” lift is a perfect height IMO.
  3. You should go drive one with the stock suspension...it’d make you appreciate the upgrade even more.
  4. I’m currently getting 285/50/22 Ridge Grapplers put on. I’ll post pics tonight when I get home. I’m thinking that’s just about the largest tire I can run without rubbing...I absolutely HATE rubbing. I was was torn between the Ridge Grapplers and Terra Grappler G2’s because I didn’t want to take away from the sleek style of the HC, but the Terra’s I believe would have been to boring.
  5. Did you drive it with the stock suspension before picking it up?
  6. Installation is not included in the price of the lift, but I know they guys really well and they did it as a favor. Generally it would cost several hundred for installation.
  7. Thank you! Lift was $1295 and my local dealership installed it, reprogrammed power steering and front cameras, and aligned it at no charge...hellava deal! Getting 285/50/22 Ridge Grapplers put on this afternoon so I’ll post updated pics.
  8. So after countless searches, I was not able to really find anything useful about the ride quality and stance of the new GM 2” lift. I went ahead and pulled the trigger and put this kit on my High County. I’ll try to give y’all as much detail as I can regarding stance, handling, and overall ride quality but for starters, let’s just say I’m not a bit disappointed! As most of us know, Chevys have quite a bit of factory rake. This kit will NOT cure that as it raises the truck 2” all the way around. However, my specific truck did not have a ridiculous front end squat to begin with so no other mods were necessary to get the stance I was searching for. But if you want it leveled, then you’ll need to add a level kit the lift kit. Otherwise, your truck will sit exactly like a Trail Boss. Overall, the stance is slightly aggressive but not overdone as this is a High Country, which will most likely never see true off-roading. Chevy suspensions...IMO tend to be mushy and bouncy. Well this kit changed that for my truck. It now rides exactly like the Trail Boss which is what I was looking for. Instead of several bounces after going over swells and dips in the roadways, the new suspension unloads and stabilizes extremely quickly. This also bleeds over into the overall handling...which didn’t change at all. The truck still hugs the road tightly and even with the rear raised 2”, there’s no skipping of the rear when cornering. If you’ve ever had other lifts, you should know what I’m talking about. Next step is to add some All-Terrain tires and get rid of the junk street tires GM puts on their trucks, most likely 285/50/22. But for now, I hope this little bit of information can help someone make an educated decision. Let me know if you have any specific questions...glad to help!
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