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  1. +1 on the install. I'm going with the Opt7 w/ the Putco harness.
  2. How does Opt7 connect to the Putco adapter? Is there a 5 pin connector, or did you use but connectors?
  3. I had the dealer install the Undercover Lux.. it’s awesome.. thinking about adding the Bed Rugs to make it just like the trunk of a car..
  4. I did the GMC Guards front & back on my 19 XLT Crew. Easy install and look good...
  5. My new 2019 Sierra 1500 XLT Prem Plus just updated today. It only has 500 miles on it. I didn't see what the old version was. New version V805.1 May 15th, 2019.
  6. I sent in a question to the Tech Support guys at Opt7. Here is their response: Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we were not able to receive a screenshot from your previous message. The module is a universal application, it will work with most vehicles. The Triple Tailgate has 3 possible installation methods: Plug & Play; No module. Plug & Play with module and hard-wired. Triple Tailgate Only (Plug & Play): Vehicles that do not have any of the following equipped: -Rear Camera -Back-up/Parking Sensor -Trailer Assist Feature (HUD display that provides trailer connection status notifications) -BLIS (Blind Spot Notification Signal) Triple Tailgate + Module (PWM Adapter) (Plug & Play): Vehicles equipped with any of the following: -Rear Camera -Back-up/Parking Sensor -Trailer Assist Feature (HUD display that provides trailer connection status notifications) Triple Tailgate (Hard-wired) -BLIS (Blind Spot Notification Signal) -Some tailgates will only function hard-wired on certain vehicles. * Vehicles with a BLIS or Blind Spot Sensor Systems must use the hard-wire extension kit included with the kit. The kit will technically not be Plug & Play in this case. **Vehicles that do not have a BLIS or Blind Spot Sensor System but do have a rear camera, rear parking sensor or a Trailer Assist System that provides heads up display status updates will require the addition of the OPT7 Optional Accessories Signal Module. Best Regards, Salvador G. OPT7 Customer Experience Team
  7. Has anyone gone for the less $$ option with the Opt 7 set up?? Opt 7 Tow Module for LED Tailgate Bars
  8. Here's my old rig as of a week ago today. (2016 Sierra XLT Prem +) Traded her in on the same thing but a 2019 version. (Still have the same boat.. Next on the upgrade list )
  9. That's good news.. I'm glad I didn't dig too deep into it.. The tail lights came off rather easily with just 2 screws and a slight tug.. Where can I find a "Build Sheet" for my truck? I replaced the license plate bulbs with relative ease.. The reverse lights look as bright as my new LED tag lights..
  10. I saw this on the GMC site and assumed they were incandescent..
  11. It seems that the Silverado has different tail lights than the GMC Sierra's. I also took my tail lights off and the bulbs are not accessible. They are sealed inside the assembly. I want to swap the factory incandescent reverse lights for LED's.
  12. Any one with a 2019 Sierra 1500 change out their reverse bulbs? Evidently, they are different than the Chevy's. I took off the tail light assembly to find just one connector for the entire light.
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