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  1. Well I found the leak, it was the third taillight. I feel kinda stupid for not checking that sooner I guess it goes to show you investigate thoroughly before you start buying parts. 150 for a door seal compared to 4 dollars for a tube of silicone
  2. Update, I have narrowed it down to the door area. I washed my truck yesterday, figured if I was going to be pouring water over it I might as well, and the only place that got wet was under those wiring harness brackets that are under the rocker panel covers. I just replaced the main door seal so I don't see how it got past it. I guess I'll try a thin bead of silicone under the door seal and see if that helps.
  3. Oh by the way it leaked alittle when it rained on it while parked but didn't when I drove through a fairly heavy rain, go fig5
  4. I'm definitely adding that to my checklist, thanks for responding
  5. Good stuff, next chance I get I'm gonna really dig into this issue and resolve it hopefully, finding the time is my main problem. Maybe this weekend, I'll keep you guys posted and thanks for sharing your ideas
  6. Nah i bought it used. Unfortunately i found some water at the rocker panel after it rained so I still have a leak to outside also. I can see now that this truck is intent on driving me nuts
  7. By the way, I live in the south so my ac stays on 24/7
  8. Yeah I agree, it has to be condensation, I definitely know the smell of coolant, I can not for the life of me figure out how it's getting around my carpet to the padding. I forgot to mention that the carpet is dry on top.
  9. My 2011 Silverado LT has had water in the passenger floorboard for quite some time. First thing I checked was the ac drain tube, clean and outputting plenty of water. So next I went a little overboard and removed the passenger seat and bottom ac cover, glove box and flip up compartment and got inside while someone drowned it with a hose. Nothing! No a drop came in around the firewall. But later after a rain event I found the rocker panel soaked and I replaced the door seal, no more wet rocker panel. I thought I fixed it but even though it hasn't rained in a month the padding under the carpet i
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