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  1. The clip nuts broke on mine so I just upgraded to a flange nut and they snugged right up. The ride is improved so much its well worth the effort.
  2. You can upgrade to eibach springs and struts. Made a huge difference on mine and I did it at 7500 mi. The factory struts were completely shot
  3. I got my truck back in august and it was a demo with 3600 on is. I can't stand the damn front end floating when you drive it a little hard. Anyone else having similar issues? I got the rancho rsx9000's for the back and it helped a bunch but nobody makes anything even reasonably affordable for the front on these trucks. Any suggestions
  4. If you want the best oil gauze type go with Green Filter. It flows the best and filters 30% better than the junk paper filters. Part number is 7354
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