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  1. Dropping mine off at the dealer tomorrow evening after work. Surprised the parts showed up already. We'll see. The first fix that didn't work took about 3 hours and the guy in service said this one is supposed to take about 5 hours but he said they want it for the whole day.
  2. I have the loud jingling noise. Mines a Silverado. They just gave me a TB as a loaner.
  3. No sure but maybe a ray of hope. My dealer had me bring my truck in Friday and one tech road with me to verify the noise. I left my truck and they gave me a new trail boss for the weekend. I didn't complain about that. Service manager drove it today and heard the noise also. They opened a new claim with GM and they said put a new differential in. They ordered the new parts but who knows when they will get them with the strike going on. The guy in service said the part numbers are all different than the ones they put in for the supposed fix that they did already. Maybe just maybe they have something figured out.
  4. I had the supposed fix done Friday and the noise was back in less than a 100 miles. Not very happy right now.
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