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  1. I know the best thing to do would be to take the drift shaft and take it to the part store and get the same fitting u joint, but weathers not been the best lately around here so just wanted to see if anyone with a 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 4x4 ext cab with a one piece aluminum drive shaft knows what u joints fit this model. When I look online for the u joints I see there is some that aluminum coated. Is this for only if the yokes aluminum or with aluminum drive shaft would I have to have those?
  2. I have 2001 Silverado 1500 I have replaced the brakes rotors calipers and wheel bearings at this point. The sound only happens when I’m driving and hit the gas lightly and it’s at around 1100-1500 rpm. Any recommendations on what the problem is because I’m lost at this point. If I slam on gas the sound doesn’t speed up or can’t be heard if I let off gas while driving it goes away. If it helps the garage though it was the wheel bearings as that’s the kind of sounds it’s making but those didn’t fix the problem. Also to add this sound just a single thump if I keep a steady pace it’ll keep making the sound as long as my foots on the gas enough to maintain speed
  3. So I’ve changed the wheel bearings and the grinding in the tire has stopped completely, however the sound I was hearing when I press the gas when driving is more clear it’s making more of a thumping sound then a grind and it sounds more as if it’s coming from under me maybe behind not for sure. At higher speeds it won’t do it how ever there is vibration in the steering wheel. Could this be bad u joints maybe? I’m going to go ahead and take it to a shop and have them take a peak at it to get to the bottom of it this weekend.
  4. Thanks I’ve already tried new calipers as the ones that were on there pretty rusty and needed replaced anyway, the rotor was fine but it’s still making the sound so I’m just going to try the wheel bearing and see if that’ll fix it. What’s weird is it’ll not make this noise all the time and sometimes it’ll require me pressing the gas to make it happen at around 35-40mph sometimes it’ll happen without pressing the gas and just drifting at those speeds it’s weird I’ll hopefully have the wheel bearings changed Saturday though
  5. Okay thanks I’ll try that. The sound is not a sound that goes on all the time. Is this something that’s possible for a wheel bearing that’s just went bad maybe?
  6. I have a 2001 Silverado that seems to like to be a pain I recently changed my brakes along with put new tires on her ever since this I’ve notice a grinding type of rubbing sound From what seems to be the front left tired. I’ve looked to see if any play was in the wheel bearing but everything seems fine with that while the caliper don’t look the prettiest those also seem to be releasing and going down fine. When the wheels off and we turn it the wheel gets a little tight to turn in certain spots. But it doesn’t seem to make the same loud rubbing sounds. Could it be possible my rotors warped and that’s what’s making that grind/rub sound? If it helps i don’t seem to here it all the time either. The joint seems to be fine as well. Any ideas on where to start or what to check I plan on changing the caliper tm since I already have a new set, but if it’s possible the rotors making that sound I’ll change that as well
  7. I was able to get it off without the torch thankfully and she’s all set now I actually had to take a strap and tighten the abs module down to the frame and was able to get it off a whole lot easier with that. Good luck to ya! Hopefully yours don’t give you as much trouble as mine did lol.
  8. Also checked joints near front tire but there wasn’t any play when pulling on them so believe those are good. As well as manifold and couldn’t see where any bolts were beoken
  9. Also quick question is this still a possibility even if it dont make the popping sound when in park and pressing gas
  10. after recently have a brake line bust and getting that fixed last week. I left the truck parked until I was able to change the brakes today. When driving I noticed a ticking sound / almost a sound of a spark or pop coming from what sounds to be under the car or around the front wheels maybe I can’t really tell. The truck made the same sound before my rear brake line went out, so I didn’t think anything of it and thought the 2 was linked to brake line. Any ideas of what this could be or where to start it only happens on acceleration when driving.
  11. Finally got her off ended up taking a strap and tighting the abs module down to the frame and that helped me get enough pressure to brake her free finally now off to running the new line. So she can get on the road thanks for all the help on this everyone!
  12. Yeah that’s my next step lol I’ve tried the socket but not luck believe I may try the angled extensions and see if I can extend it out long enough to where I can get a full range of motion on the ratchet. To be able to put more force on it where the frame and every thing is all right there it makes getting a pull for a good distance hard.
  13. I unfortunately tried that already as well as just now tried to join to wrench’s together to get more torque and pushed as hard as I can and still nothing. It’s crazy because the back lines came off when changing out the rear hose with little force
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