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  1. I believe issue is shift linkage on shift cable when I got to looking the springs were rusted to almost dirt and one whole side of the spring had fallen apart so I’m just replacing the cable and hopefully this will fix the problem
  2. If the cable is not broken is there anyway to adjust it to get the shifter back in sync with the transmission or am I pretty much just going have to replace it?
  3. Yeah I ended up having to push it while someone pulled on it to get out of gear but that’s exactly what it’s doing. My grandfather said he figured that what the problem may be I’ll look at that tm. Thanks for the help.
  4. So my 2001 Silverado got stuck in park on hill I got it out but now the shift lever goes all the way down to even be put in drive. What needs to be done to correct this? All help is appreciated very much.
  5. The only reason I ask this is to make sure it’s not the actual fuel line that’s causing the code. If the fuel line isn’t able to have a evap leak then I’m sure what your saying is right as it does completely makes sense
  6. Yeah I’m going to actually get the entire line changed in a couple months just a matter of saving up for a shop to do the work. So the actual vapor line is most likely the cause and not the fuel line I repaired?
  7. Here recently I had a fuel line leak from the main feed line I was able to repair this with a fuel injection hose and double clamps. While doing that I noticed the quick connect was rusted and leaking as well so while replacing that I had cut the nylon line and use nylon compression type fitting that connected nylon to nylon for a new quick connect. About 100 miles later the service engine light came on and the code was for a small evap leak. Could the culprit be the fittings and clamps are causing it or would it be something else?
  8. I ended up having to use a compression style fitting in this quick connect and cut the nylon hose from the fuel tank to connect the new quick connect that was rusted out. The fuel leak has been holding up but a week or so of driving my service engine soon light came on and the p0442 code came up. Is it possible me cutting the nylon line and using the compression fitting the culprit?? Any ideas and help would be great!
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