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  1. Nice find on the other forum. That’s straight up what I’ve experienced. The driver side is fine. Only difference is on the passenger side during the original install I removed the shock bolt thinking I needed too. Wasn’t necessary so I didn’t on the drivers side. My new kit should be here Tuesday. I’ll replace the block and take pictures of the damage of the old one. The nipple on the leaf legit smashed the hole just in front of the block. I can see it plain as day so it’ll be interesting to inspect. Hopefully I can hold the block and let it down slow enough with my jack. If not I trust the guys at this new shop to do it of course.
  2. So here is what I have figured out. It was really driving me nuts because I like to do things myself. Sometimes that causes me a little headaches but I always learn something. I still have my appointment with the local shop the 26th. However I did get under my truck this evening and I can clearly see the the passenger leveling block is in the hole on top of the axel but the leaf spring notch is not lined up. It’s as if the axel needs to rotate forward just a bit which would make sense because my measurements show the right wheel is half an inch behind the left. Hope that makes sense? Also it has smashed the block a little even bc it wasn’t sitting properly which is scary that it can even be smashed. So ive ordered another kit and intend to completely replace the right block and I bolts. I just need to figure out how to get it all to line up and rotate my entire axel.
  3. Good stuff. Thank you. I’ll measure today and climb under there and look as well at the blocks. I’m driving it now and if anything it pulls just a little bit to the right.
  4. I am sure as big as this forum is this has been covered many times. Feel free to point me to a thread if you have one. However I picked up a new to me 16’ Silverado Z71 only 33k miles. I installed a Motofab lower mount leveling kit on the front without issue. Love it. 2 inch kit. The rear after the front was done was slightly a quarter inch lower. So I ordered the 1 inch rear block from Motofab. It was even easier to install. No issues whatsoever. Until I went to get it aligned. The front is perfect according to our local reputable shop. He said the rear however is way off(looking at the pic is he accurate in saying “way off”?). Did I cause this? Here is the paper they gave me. Is it possible he measured wrong, tire pressure, been in a wreck, etc? Thank you in advance. *Don’t judge my mudflaps.
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