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  1. The TCM is adaptive and learns the drivers throttle habits so you need to wait about 500 miles is what the service manual says before you can make a determination. The learning process takes about 500 miles in short is what I'm saying.....
  2. Probably pumped a bunch of water into your gas tank.....
  3. I have felt the same exact situation with my 2018 Colorado Crew Cab Long Bed LT, remote start yesterday 54 degrees, get in seat belt on turn key slight jolt forward nothing terrible but felt it...cant find anything on it but basically a result of turning the key in the ignition. Is it a problem? Who knows......
  4. Sounds like the tranny shudder, did your repair invoices say they did a flush and fill or replace the torque converter at any time? After 3 repair attempts you may qualify for lemon law. Or try a different service department, not all are created equal.
  5. Did the check engine light blink (on and off), did you feel what may be a misfire?
  6. I currently own a 2018 Colorado Crew Long Bed V6 and the transmission at first was quirky, funny shifting behaviours stay in too low a gear, and adapting to my very careful driving behaviour during the break in period first 500 miles, I do not have the shudder and my build date is December 2017, in my experience driving the vehicle like an everyday bastard after the break in period yielded a more confident result than my first 500 miles. I'm currently at 5200 miles and ignoring the MPG gauge on the DIC to see how many MPGs I can get is no longer a concern because I discovered in an attempt to baby the vehicle to save gas caused the transmission to adapt to DRIVING MISS DAISY......I havent had any issues and I havent done any bulletins....if I was to be a cry baby and complain about something just to complain I would say the only thing I currently notice is during a slow down to full stop it appears the transmission downshift from 2nd to 1st you feel it but after spending so long looking for a problem I discovered driving my 2006 Nissan Xterra with 147000 miles and a rebuilt transmission at 139000 miles does the same exact thing and it's a 5 speed transmission....its minor at best.....with all this said there are known issues with other owners Colorados, I guess I've been very lucky so far, but overall I'm very happy with my unit. I almost wonder with all the awareness circling the 8 speed are some LOOKING for problems and being finicky in some cases? Are users driving the vehicle so awkwardly that the adapt feature in the TCM causes erratic behaviors? I'm almost certain after my first 500 mile experience that it can be possible in some cases.....
  7. If you enter the make model and year on crutchfield.com website it will reveal everything you want to know about the audio system
  8. I have a 2018 Crew Cab LT V6 long bed, the cold start rattle is as mentioned before, the cam phaser rattle due to oil drain back after sitting for a period of time.....the dealer isnt going to repair anything and is going to tell you there is no problem, most people wont hear it because if your sitting in the vehicle and turn the ignition at cold start you cant hear it from inside, I remote start all the time and hear at it almost every cold start.....best described as a rattle for less than a second only when cold start or first start of day.....visit my YouTube channel to see a video to confirm ....there is a TSB for the rattle in other models but it doesnt cover the 2018 Colorado I believe....
  9. Unless your experiencing a shudder at highway cruising speeds, a chuggle or lack of power, failure to downshift when going up hill, you have nothing to worry about, Colorados built after March 2019 all have the new ATF fluid that should prevent the shudder issue. Case and point, dont look for something that's not there if it's running great just enjoy it....Many times people read things that make them second guess themselves and almost manufacture problems in their mind and run to the dealer crying about something cause they think their getting bamboozled.....not to say a vehicle cant have an issue but your question leads me to believe your either in the process of wanting to buy or you already own and you want to know if your torque converter is possibly faulty?
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