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  1. the voltage on the dash is closer to the line below 14 i haven't yet checked the alternator yet the battery and starter was tested at the dealership when i let them look over the truck for those few hours and they checked out to be good but im almost certain the starter did take a poop on me but im just lost on the electrical issue i do have the same problem of when i roll down windows or do anything that pulls a electrical load the cluster and all lights do dim a slight bit maybe it is something with the alternator but still doesnt make sense of how the truck would be running and rpms show zero and the hood telling me it is opened 24/7.
  2. I have a 2014 High Country i had to have the motor replaced cause it dropped a valve after Chevrolet put the new motor in the day i picked it up it would tell me the hood was opened and clearly it was closed. i addressed the issue to the mechanic and said i would be back another day because they were closing. i also noticed it had a sluggish start which would make sense for when the motor was locked up putting alot of stress on the starter. well i took it back to get it looked at they kept it for a couple hours they couldn't find any issue of why it was telling me the hood was opened told me to bring it back to leave it with them for a few days. my thoughts was a bad latch sensor but crazy how that problem started when i get it back from them replacing the motor. i haven't had the time to bring it back since then and i finally got tired of the hood constantly going off so i just unplugged the latch sensor until i can get it back in the dealer. i feel like its more than just a latch sensor because i went to started the truck last night and it had a HORRIBLE sluggish start and when it started it was running rough and the RPMs were showing ZERO but the truck was running, weird right? i revved it up and it immediately died. i started it back up real sluggish again and this time it was running just fine everything working just right. i get home back into my basement and turn it off i tried to start it backup and nothing just clicks i am 99% sure the starter finally died but the other electrical issues doesn't make sense to me at all has anybody else had this problem?
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