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  1. Yes they do turn on with door. I had the switch out, but wasn't sure how to test that functionality. Thoughts? Appreciate ya!
  2. Yea-checked all fuses related. The dome lights work, map lights work, etc. Just don't turn on with the switch as I know they should. For me half of it is just the concept that the switch doesn't work, and the other half would like to have it work when its dark.
  3. Hey Guys-I have an '01 Sierra SLT. In attempting to turn on the interior lights at night and "clicking" the dimmer rolled switch all the way up, it does not do anything. The dimmer function of the gauges and dash lights works fine, however nothing when clicked up. I have messed with Dome Override button and checked all fuses and no dice. Can the entire switch be bad or am I missing something else? Chris
  4. I understand, however the Silverados and Sierras tend to have great drivetrains and are great trucks in general. If it was modded correctly/tastefully, then I wouldn't hesitate. Also, spending 20k+ on a newer truck with lower miles is out of the equation. But thanks for answering my question
  5. Hey guys, In the market for a 2wd sierra/silverado. Saw this one online in NC and was curious to see what you guys thought and if anyone knows whose truck it is. Would like some more info on mods, history, etc. Cheers-Chris https://www.nextgearmotor.com/2008-GMC-Sierra1500/Used-Truck/Raleigh-NC/13214583/Details.aspx
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