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  1. Well thanks to Ozer for the torque converter comment. This ended up being the issue. I guess on the good side, it should run a crap ton longer now that it has brand new versions of everything else lol.
  2. Yes intake and all that is stock and installed when troubleshooting. Forgot to mention that I removed the intake, replaced seal and cleaned it out thinking it may be a throttle position sensor issue or something. Seafoam and Injector cleaner is on my list for tonight.
  3. 2014 Suburban 5.3 LT 4wd - When driving at 35-55 mph at normal accel and normal driving to maintain speed, the truck at RUNNING TEMP will develope a random missing/slipping sensation. Sometimes the RPM will drop like its develped a miss, then other times, it they rise like the trans is slipping. Yes I have had it at two different shops, both driving it at lengths with a scanner attached. NO CODES are ever shown. SO what I have done thus far per many recommendations; - Trans Flush - Lucas Oil Trans Treatment REPLACED; - Plugs - Wires - Coils CHECKING TONIGHT; - Fuel Injectors (Ohm Resistance. Not holding my breath on this one since the issue is very random and only at running temp) Possible thoughts now are maybe water in the fuel? It was low on fuel when the issue started and was very obvious and was all the time. Shop put a bit of gas in it due to the drive testing they were doing and it was a bit better when I picked the truck up to do all the work to it I listed above. I just filled it up with Premium this morning before work so I am going to see how the truck reacts to that as well as put some fuel treatment in. Anyone have any other ideas or thoughts? I am about out of them...
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