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  1. If your camera has a USB port, the Female USB-A plug on the dash is switched. Otherwise I agree with bowtie2007, tap into a circuit that is switched, there are plenty of them that offer ample amount of current for a dash cam. Hide the 12v socket under/behind the dash and you don't have any annoying wires visible.
  2. Have any TB owners experienced excessive chipping of the finish on their wheels? I know that overlaid finishes on wheels aren't ever the most durable but I feel like my 2019 TB that I bought this past September shouldn't have multiple chips in each wheel, after just 25,000 miles. 99% of my driving has been interstate (I work 7 hours from home and make the drive weekly). Am I the only one experiencing this? Any recommendations on how to deal with this to preserve the appearance of the wheels?
  3. My 2019 with about 7k miles does it as well. Doesn't matter if the engine is hot or cold. If it still does it around 15k miles, I'll probably mention it to the dealer.
  4. Has anyone experienced a negative camber situation with these models? I have a 2019 Trailboss with right at 7k miles and the camber is visibly negative now. The front tires are even wearing on the inside because of it. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, did the dealer give you an alignment under warranty or did they claim it was normal wear and tear?
  5. There's another post on here describing how to do this. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/228768-2019-tb-grill-mod/ It's very simple and inexpensive. It cost me less than $15. Still holding up great after a month.
  6. Those 2 7mm screws will definitely keep it from coming loose.
  7. I did remove the entire grille. Takes less than 10 minutes to remove. It was a little tricky to remove the gloss black piece from the grille, just due to the number of clips. I used the same paint as rowdydog, Rust-Oleum Cherry Gloss. I did not prime the aluminum flashing but I did de-grease and sand it so the paint would adhere properly. I cut the aluminum flashing down to 47" x 2 7/8" using tin snips. Seemed to be the perfect size.
  8. Thanks for this post. I went out yesterday and got a $10 roll of aluminum flashing, cut it to size, painted and installed it on my Trail Boss. I think it looks great, I never would have thought to do it without your post.
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