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  1. Well, it's been one month since I posted the issues with my new AT4 and 5 weeks since I've driven it. I've taken it to two different dealerships (local and the dealer purchased) and they both have said the defective bed can't be fixed without making modifications. Truck has been at the dealer I purchased it from for 3 weeks and NOTHING has been done. GM customer service is a joke- they keep telling me they are going to call me and they have appointments to call me, but NEVER do. Guess I need to speak with a lawyer to see what my rights are- This has gone on for too long without any answers from GM or the dealer.
  2. Thanks for responses. Am I being too picky here? Would you all want this fixed?
  3. I just purchased a 2019 GMC AT4 and after only a week of driving I noticed the truck bed is out of alignment with the cab. Body lines are off by almost 3/4" on the passenger side and the bed is inset 1/2" from the cab. Badges on the "new" tailgate are also off center by 3/4" and out of level by 3/8". Needless to say I am very disappointed in the quality, so I called the local dealer (purchased truck at another dealer 250 miles away) and took it in. Head service guy looked at it and said the bed was definitely tweaked and the badges were unacceptably off too. They took my truck in that day and said they could adjust the bed and would put new badges on the tailgate. After 4 days they call me to say the bed can't be adjusted, and based on their measurements, the mis-alignment of the bed was due to a manufactures defect. They suggested I take it back to the dealer I purchased it from and have them swap the bed with another truck on their lot that had factory paint and bedliner. They said if they did the work, GM would send them a new primered bed and they didn't recommend that route because no shop could ever match the paint and texture. So I called the dealer I purchased the truck from and they tell me they wouldn't and couldn't do a bed swap. They suggested I call GM customer service and open a case to have the truck repaired, so I did. I now have my truck back home and can't get GM or the dealer I bought it from call me back. at this point, I am just about ready to tell them to load up a brand new truck and bring it to me. After spending $60k plus on this truck, and having less than a 1,000 miles on it since I bought it, I think that is the least they should do. What would you guys do?
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