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  1. Some may not like the look.Switch was pretty easy,hardest part was figuring out how the plug came apart.Take the door panel off(5 screws on the front,4 on the back,one behind the handle,two behind the armrest,one or two at the bottom) and carefully pop the clips off,peel back the water shield, the connector has a small red L shaped slide first and then a built in spreader that you depress and you pop it apart.Door handles remove easier than the 14-18 ones,no fishing line required to reinstall,they just push back in,and tighten the #25 Torx bolt.
  2. We'll see how it goes,found a guy with a full set of chrome take offs for $100.That beats the dealer price easy,I'll find out if it's similar to the 14-18 models and plug and play.
  3. 60-65 drafting with a tonneau cover 30.1 for 50 miles,going to St louis this weekend see what it does then
  4. Has anybody switched out their door handles with the passive lock button,easy to do like the 14-18 model were?Looking to switch my red hot ones to chrome if I can find part numbers for them.
  5. Mine with an 8 sp seems to be clunky first thing in the morn. pulling out of the drive and sometimes if you do tight left and right turns.First time it did it I looked in the mirror to see what hit me.
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