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  1. You say a bit less so does that mean not very noticeable? Do they have any idea what may be causing the thumping noise? I've heard it may be the motor echoing through the bell housing. That explanation seems odd because I've heard others with up to 10K miles with a very faint noise that you have to listen for. Mine can be heard with the radio on at times. And at times not loud at all. It does get louder when it's warmed up though.
  2. I had the same issue with all the lights coming on the dash... This happened when I picked it up on delivery. They reset the computer after they found a "right wheel speed sensor was the issue". I agreed to continue driving and let them know if it came back on and it did approximately 1,500 miles latter. I brought it to the dealership and it tested out the same "right wheel speed sensor". They reset it again and it came on with in a few miles. I called the dealer ship and reset the lights by hitting cancel with the steering wheel buttons which left on only the check engine light. They replaced the right wheel speed sensor and it's been fine since. The connection pins were faulty causing a signal to the computer setting off all the lights and codes to notify the driver that there was a potential safety issue i was told. I actually continued to drive it till the parts came in with no issues. My big issue with my new 2020 High Country is the obnoxious knocking/thumping sound in the diesel motor. The dealership has acknowledged that it is allot louder than others they have. Mine started at 500 miles and can be extremely loud at times as others have had the same issue with there's and commented on this forum.
  3. Yes that's the exact sound. I had a GM rep come and listen to it and he said that's how they sound now but to confirm it he called a GM engineer who did confirm it. Said the motors are quieter in some aspects now and some sounds like the thumping/knocking are more pronounced. I find it very annoying but not much I can do about it.
  4. Yes it's a deeper thumping sound that is heard. It's harder to get it on an audio file to hear the true sound but it sounds like you can hear it. In person it's very noticeable. Yes i hear the injector tick which you can hear on all diesels and I actually like it. LOL The thumping is obnoxious, I own a RV dealership and my service manager was a Chevrolet service manager for years and worked at the Chevy dealership for over 20 years in different capacities. She stills has connections with the GM reps and has a call into him about it. She's never heard a diesel motor sound like this so not sure what to make of it. The warranty will cover anything that goes wrong but for 77k you would think it wouldn't sound like it does. Also this is my 5 diesel and when i was in the waste business we had 100+ diesel trucks, most large trucks but again I've never heard a diesel sound like this and not have an issue. Thank you for your time, I greatly appreciate your help! Please keep me posted if you should hear any info on this. Kenny
  5. That could be a contributing factor, thank you for the info.
  6. That could be a contributing factor, thank you for the info.
  7. This is my 5th diesel and none have ever sounded like this with the loud knock, and my 2020 does. I can't believe they changed anything from 2019 to 2020 that would cause this obnoxious knocking sound.
  8. It's not the ticking noise as described in the bulletin, its a knocking noise. I'll try to record it and post it.
  9. I just joined the forum to see about the knock i hear. It is faint at first start up but as the engine heats up it gets louder.
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