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  1. The RPO sheet does show JL1. The relay on the frame was replaced. No DIC warnings. Does not show that I have a trailer connected at all. But all lights work on my trailers. I tested four trailers all magnets drum trailer brakes. Works on three of my other work trucks. I can get to trailer brakes through the information button but cannot adjust it. Last night I checked all seven pins to see if maybe somebody wired it Goofy for their own trailer. Not the case. And the cruise control does work. I'm wondering how the truck knows there is a trailer connected? I wonder if that's the root of the problem?
  2. So I got my truck back tonight. A mechanic went through scanned it and replaced both the relay and the trailer brake control module. He then had the truck taken to the dealership to flash the new module. I picked it up went and plugged it into trailer no communication between the controller and the brakes. I still cannot adjust the gain buttons, instead of .5 it reads. 0. Does not indicate trailer connected and cannot adjust anything.
  3. Going to check with dealer tomorrow. Thanks I'll keep you all posted.
  4. Recently purchased a 2009 GMC Sierra 2500 HD with the LMM motor. I hooked up a dump trailer yesterday that typically works on all of my other vehicles. The integrated trailer brake control doesn't seem to be working. The lights all function on the trailer as they should. But I have to cycle through the information in the DIC to pull up trailer brakes. The gain is stuck at 0.5 and cannot be adjusted. It is followed by a series of dashes. I have checked stud 2 and the Itcb fuses. And replaced the brake controller itself. I'm wondering if the master cylinder sensor would be my next stab at the problem. Or if anybody might have any suggestions.
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