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  1. Bought a used GM performance exhaust off of someone that switched out to a Borla S, it's my first time installing an exhaust and everything is going all good except that the muffler has no directional indications, there are drain holes on one side of the muffler, can anyone tell me which way the muffler goes? Drain holes facing forward or towards rear? Forgive my ignorance.
  2. So I'm fighting with my dealership about having to pay for the re-flash, which is in included in the price of the intake. I've been searching and can't find the actual instructions, all they sent with mine is the one page with the authorization code for it to be done. Does someone have the actual instructions or the document id# for them, my dealership is being super shady about it and I really do not want to pay to get the re-flash done if I don't have to.
  3. They use a 4 pin trailer plug, with an extra wire for the reverse lights. I used the Putco adapter, that plugs into the tail light harness near the spare tire, that way its all plug and play no splicing necessary, except for the reverse wire from light bar into reverse wire on Putco harness. On the '19-20 you can't use the trailer plug or Curt trailer harness adapter, or else the trailering software and parking sensors go haywire.
  4. I've had the opt7 redline on 2 trucks now, first one has been on for 2 years and still going strong no dead led's, just put one on my 19 Silverado and no issues. In my experience using dielectric grease for all connections and making sure they're all sealed up well has always worked for me keeping aftermarket lighting working well.
  5. Update Got it and installed using Putco tail light harness adapter (P/N 529005) it uses the tail light harness plugs near the spare tire, quick easy plug and play install without having to wire directly into the trucks factory wiring harness. However, still had to wire the reverse light into the putco harnesses reverse wire. It does fit without the tailgate hitting it but it is very close! You'll want to stick it about a 1/4"-1/2" above the two bumps in the sheet metal behind the bumper to be able to see it.
  6. Has anyone installed the Opt7 Redline tailgate light bar with sequential turn signals in a Sierra/Silverado 1500? I had one on my '15 Canyon and want one on my '19 Silverado. I know about using the Putco tail light to 4 pin adapter harness because of the issues using the Curt harness on the trailer light plugs with the trailering package and all that, but I can't find anyone with a '19 or '20 that actually has one of these installed. I started looking into the dimensions of it and it looks like there may be clearance issues when the tailgate comes down. Just wanted some input if anyone has this specific tailgate light bar installed.
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