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  1. I picked up the full sound upgrade kit with sub/amp and the additional amp that is installed behind the rear seat. definitely a low-end improvement from a stock non-Bose system. it surely has a sweet frequency that seems louder than the others. it sounds like certain bass notes are substantially louder than others. I dunno, maybe others are quieter???? I like the factory fit and the way it has storage compartment built in. Im not sure I noticed much of a difference in the amp for the existing speakers. still trying to tune it all with the flextume app. I did get the bass control knob. buy the knob if you are pondering, its cheap
  2. GM is offering 20% off online purchases with code HOLIDAY20A through 12/2/2019. Im looking to pull the trigger, just cant decide which audio upgrade to get. I do not have the Bose so both are an option for me.
  3. So has anyone heard the difference between the 19417164 kit with just the kicker sub and the 19417165 kit with the additional amp? Trying to decide between the two. $550 difference. Wondering if its worth it...???
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