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  1. Same. Leaving work after truck sits most the day in the sun, I hear one low thump from rear seat area, thinking the roof. Figured same as you, the heat. Still odd though. Other then that, about to hit 10k miles and love the truck.
  2. 2020 HD LT Crew Cab, 4x4. 4k miles, 4 months old. 6.6 gas, 20" wheels. Very stable platform for me when pulling my 33' RV, 7k empty. Gas mileage 12-15 average, 7-9 when towing. Mostly country roads. I didn't purchase this 7k lbs truck for the mileage so I'm good with it. But when compared to the older gas Super Duty, Excursion, Diesel Suburban I owned, its fine. And plenty of power for me and what I use it for. It rides great, feels strong and is easy to use, especially with my trailer. From the rear cameras to the trailer light test while I'm standing behind the trailer. I am very pleased so
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