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  1. Call and talk to gm performance they was a big help for me
  2. If I was you I would just call gm performance about it, I just argued with them and they got tired of me and took my charge off. I then contacted gm performance and they verified what I told them.
  3. Also one more thing, it is only billed for .3 hrs, they messed up and showed me the wrong paper work before I flipped out on the service manger.
  4. Still bull, they tried the whole the tech being paid to me to, even went as far as well you dont work for free do you. If I was you I would contact chevy performance, because you paid twice for that service. The labor code in there is so they get paid.
  5. It's hard to explain, I seemed like mine shifted funny, and then after was fine, and maybe little bit of throttle response, but could be in my head lol
  6. It does come with a reflash for the maf, do not let them tell you it's not included in the price of the intake, they tried that with me. The reflash is included. There is a conformation code, and labor code in the package. Also it did make a diffrence in how my truck ran after the reflash.
  7. Makes since. The guy there couldn't even find it to email it to me, so if I have to I will see if my parts guy can get them.
  8. Yea I argued with them for 30 mins before they waved it, just got off the phone with gm performance about it. I never recieved install instructions, so did not see that until the told me. So will get that page and have another chat with all of them.
  9. Anyone that had the reflash done, after buying from shop chevy, and had dealer tey to charge you
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