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  1. Jasta update you guys that helps me out it was the number 7 injector and the evap purge line was broken where it goes back behind the engine so truck runs very well thank all of you for your help
  2. Talk to mechanic yesterday he said bad #7 injector he was waiting for injector last nite around five , will keep everyone informed because it stumped me
  3. I talked to him today and he said bad injector so we will see
  4. Thanks ,mine is in the shop today and we will see what they come up with thanks again
  5. I have new fuel pump, new plugs, new intake gaskets and a new map sensor.the guy i got it from said he put a new fuel pump in but what kind i dont know. With my last work truck it was an 09 i was told only use delphi pump
  6. Davester, how was your truck when you got it and what year mine is o4 with 185000 miles, just for a work truck but when im on the highway in 4 th with the converter lock under a load it craps out unless i kick down to 3rd its the shaking thats really bothering me plus the idle seems low and rough, thanks you guys
  7. Thanks . I appreciate it ,truck going in to be diagnosed on Thursday it has no vacuum leaks and sensor 1 bank 1 lean ltft is maxed at 25% and does not move
  8. I am going to have it diagnosed during the week it runs a little better but it still has a hesitation off subject I have a manual 2-speed transfer case 4hi 4lo what kind of fluid does that take I don't think it's Auto Trak I think it's Dex 3
  9. This is just a work truck but at hiway speeds it stumbles and vibrates bad at o to 1/4 throttle in od with converter locked up
  10. Thanks . Does the heated o2 have to do with why it runs good when cold
  11. I had a stft at 25% dont remember which bank still has the 171 code
  12. Well i went and did the gaskets and put it all back together and all was good in open loop operation, when in closed loop back to same thing,but when i first started it, it was smooth and good . I gove ,02 sensor live data shows it going up and down to extreme very rapidly, please help
  13. As far as I can tell these gaskets have never been changed nor has the intake ever been pulled off
  14. Got home from work today and took the intake off I don't know what I'm looking for there was a lot of oil inside of the gasket in the intake where it shouldn't be and they were a green color would that be Factory most aftermarket ones I've seen are blue like the Fel Pros I have any other information would be helpful thank you
  15. You are right with that also explain a stumble at 65 or 70 giving it very very light throttle it shakes a lot
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