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  1. Ride is great! Kinda of embarrassing how bad it rode before compared to now, sad thing is I paid extra for Z71 package and those Ranchos.... I paid 300 for install and alignment, so i think all in around 700.
  2. Yes, i used the 4th setting on the strut which is 1.5 of lift on the instructions. It was pretty much spot on at 1.5 inches, I still have .5 inch of rake in the rear which I wanted. I believe there are 6 settings on the new 5100's for the 2019/2020's. 39.5 in the rear 39.00 on the front
  3. I recently had the new adjustable 5100's installed in my 2019 LTZ and noticed the the wire harnesses that run across the 3 strut bolts are just floating above and are not connected. Does anyone know if there is a clip (maybe shop didnt put back on) or if they just lay on top of the 3 bolts. Any pictures of an original set up would be great.
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