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  1. Bob, thank you for this useful info. I always carry MBI on my cars and forgot about that. I will take your advice into consideration. Thanks again
  2. I will be picking up my Sierra premium tomorrow and anticipate them trying to sell me on a warranty. My questions are is the warranty worth it and what prices have y’all paid for the warranty?
  3. Not a good deal at all. You’ll lose more incentives than you’ll pay in interest if you have decent credit. You can’t get all the incentives right now and 0%
  4. I know this can vary but I was trying to see if there was a consensus out there for when the best time to buy a Sierra 1500 is. I am asking because I’m shopping for a 2020 and have not been happy with the prices I’m getting and was wondering if I would likely do better in the spring
  5. I have been shopping around for a 2020 Sierra SLT, Premium plus package. They generally are being stickered between 59,300-60,500 depending on a few options. It seems the best offers I can Get are mid 49s however I did not ask about financing and believe with the rebates this month I may not be able to do the 0% 72 months. I am curious to if this seems like a decent price and if anybody had some insight into the financing during this month that they are doing the employee pricing promotion
  6. I am in the market for 2020 Sierra SLT with premium plus package. Every one I have found has the x31 package which I do not need. Is there any noticeable difference in the ride while driving on paved roads such as road noise or smoothness of the ride?
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