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  1. When driving my standard cab 2000 Silverado I drive it like a 20 year old truck that’s been through 20 body rusting salt filled Michigan winters. I don’t aim for the potholes but I don’t shed a tear when I hit one. In my garage kept 2016 it’s a different story. I drive it like I’m hauling a truck filled with grandmothers sipping tea. I try my best to avoid our road’s imperfections. But no driver is perfect and lucks not on my side even though I’d only ride my big rims for about 5 months a year. I’ve seen one truck in person with a setup that your going for and it looked really good. I like when we can achieve the look that we’re going for.
  2. I stay in Flint Mi. The roads aren’t that good. In the late 90’s I drove a Camaro with 205/50/15’s on it. That’s 4inchs of sidewall. I never blew a tire but I managed to ding up the lips over the years. That camaro weighed 3400lbs. I’m sure my Crew Cab is around 5000lbs and will only have 3.6 inches of sidewall if I get the 26’s. I like the look and would be getting Pirelli tires to help with the ride and durability but I don’t think I could go to many summers without bending a rim. I’ve been trying to convince myself that I can dodge every pothole day and night. I really appreciate all of your input.
  3. I truly love the look, and I would keep the factory ride hight and GM slant. There are a few people around town riding 26’s on full size trucks. 305/30/26’s would only give me 3.6 inch’s of sidewall. No rubbing during turns. I was wondering how the people riding big rims and low profiles were pulling it off, that’s why I created this post. I really want to do it but may have to settle for 24’s.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. As far as tire I meant to say 305/30/26. I’ve got to see if I can correct that in my post.
  5. Hello members. This is my first posting. I have a 2016 crew cab Silverado. I bought it new and it now has 20000 miles. I have a set of aftermarket Dub 22’s with a 285/45/22 tire that I ride on during the summer months here in Michigan. I want to upgrade to a larger summer wheel. Possibly a 26” with a 305/30/26 tire. I know big wheels aren’t popular with some people but, I like the look. My choice. I’m not the biggest fan of lowered or lifted trucks, but I’ve seen some nice one’s and if you like it I’m happy for you. It’s your money, your choice. My question is how is the overall ride quality riding on 26’s? I’m thinking it will be sport car firm. And what problems if any have you experienced with 26 inch wheels as far as blowouts, dents, or suspension problems? I would greatly appreciate any info. The more detailed the better. Thank you.
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