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  1. I had an issue connecting my pixel2 to use Android auto. Reinstalled the app, tried multiple USB cords. Nothing seemed to work until I updated every app on my phone and restarted the device. Android auto is working flawlessly since I did that. Not sure which app was causing the problems.
  2. I had about an inch of sag on the driver's side. Jacked the truck up and looked at the keys. Drivers side looked like the adjustment screw was sticking out further by a few threads. Cranked up the key about 2 turns and then measured with the truck sitting back on the pavement. Fixed it
  3. I'm all too familiar with the typical Chevy fender rust. My 08 was terrible. I ordered this spray this time around hoping it will last the winter salt season in Ohio.
  4. Awesome thank you. I will put them on Sunday hopefully.
  5. Anyone installed rear fender liners in this new body style yet? Or if your truck has liners already installed can I get some pictures? Some of the hardware that came with my set has me a little confused on installing them. Dealer doesn't have instructions and I can't find anything online.
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