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  1. I hadn't heard from the dealer since 9/2 so I called today for an update. They told me they had replaced the injectors on #7 and #8 cylinders and they were working fine but then all of a sudden all the cylinders on one side were missing and not holding the correct pressures. The technician was in the process of troubleshooting and said he had never seen anything like it. He though it may be an imperfection in the cylinder. I said what is the resolution, replace the motor? They couldn't tell me today since they are still in the process of troubleshooting. They said they should have an answer for me by Monday. They were kind enough to offer me a vehicle but I declined, my 05 F150 is still running strong, thankfully. Will update when i get more info.
  2. I had my truck towed yesterday one day early so it would ready to be checked out today. The service department just called me today and told me there was a really bad misfire in cylinder 7 and one not quite as bad in cylinder 8. They believe the injector stuck in 7 and will have to tear the motor down and replace it and maybe the one in number 8 as well. It will take them a day or two to do that and then send their findings off to GM and then rebuild it. The service department told me it would take about a week which I think is acceptable. I was glad they were able to get the ball rolling right away. Not happy about tearing into my new motor though, but what can i do. I also had a bad experience with GM roadside service. When I scheduled my appointment with the dealer 3 weeks ago they reminded me that my vehicle came with roadside service. So Monday I called the number and a recorded message said with everything going on in the world today they were only scheduling service through the MyChevrolet App. Ok no problem I have that on my phone so I did that. No one ever called me or emailed me back, so I just called up my local tow guy i work with. I'm glad I wasn't broke down on the side of the road somewhere. Not sure how their service has been for anyone else. Will post updates on the repairs as I get them.
  3. I'm glad you got your problem solved. If i just had the parking brake errors that would be bad enough but like you Trwtow Terry mine ran so rough I couldn't drive it. I still feel like it is not a good thing to have to deal with a valve spring in such a new truck. I will let you know how mine turns out once I finally get it serviced, will be dropping off next Wednesday 9/2.
  4. I had to make an appointment with the dealer who told me the first they could see me was on 9/2. As you can see my original post was on 8/10 so a little over 3 weeks before they would look at it. Once I get it there I worry how long they will keep it and if they will be able to solve the problem or not. I will make sure to post what I find out. Fortunately this is not my daily driver so I can still get to work. Not happy.
  5. I have a 2020 Silverado LTZ 6.2L with 4500 miles and after slowing down and accelerating again I noticed it was running very rough and seemed to be missing. The Service ESC first came up and then the check engine light came on. Shorty after the wrench and parking brake light came on, and I also noticed the whole time the traction control ight was illuminated. Then the error message went to service parking brake. This is some BS. Will update when and if I get a resolution.
  6. It seems like the GM has a deeper compartment on one side with the lid that doubles as part of the tray
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