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  1. Don’t know how it sounds but I like the linkswel look
  2. I’ve been looking at a set of the Boost Auto with the clear white strip for running and the switchback option to change to amber for signal along with power fold and defrost both mirrors. but, having no one here mention this mirror, makes me think there is a reason.
  3. I’m in the process of this very mod. I HATE THE 22 ride. This thing should ride better than my 2013, but with rubber bands between the rim and the road it’s like my wife’s corvette. ‘I’m working on getting either 18s or 20s and a tire somewhere in the 33-34” diameter that’s more sport/highway than mudders. I don’t expect it to ride like my Towncar, but damn when my 13 SLE rode nicer than a “manga-ride” Denali with concrete seats somethings not right. A tool to use for the tire size and speedo difference I like Tire Size Calculator and use the tire size comparison option. Shows a visual as well as the numbers.
  4. Sorry to resurrect a dead thread, but... I would have to echo the adaptive cruise and turning off the auto locks. The adaptive should be easier on the Denalis that have the forward sensors and the “vehicle ahead camera” or what ever that thing is called by GM.
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