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  1. Hello I'm new to the forum when it comes to actually posting one so please bare with me. I own a 99 Chevy Silverado 4wd that I converted to a straight axle front end with an older Dana 44. I've got a 6 inch lift and a 4 in body lift, sitting on 37×12.5×20's. Im beating my head against the wall with this wiring. All my problems started with a short in my dash that I just could not track down. Draining my battery, and sometimes when shifting into drive the starter would engage. It didnt happen all the time but when it did it caused a bunch of problems and just short of pulling the column apart I inspected each and every wire under the dash, replacing if they were bad , until one day it happened and I lost everything. I had no brake lights not tail lights no signals and my truck wouldnt even start at that point. After inspecting more wires I found that it melted the hot lead to my brake switch all the way back to the fuse box. Replaced it, and the brake switch, still nothing. No lights no start. Finally fed up I started to pull my column out when I noticed three wires on the backside of the turn signal lever. I purchased another one from ebay and it was supposedly a match to the vin i gave the seller. I ended up returning 2 levers and when i got the third it almost looked identical. There are 6 and 9 pins going in the plug and 12 + a ground coming out of the lever. Besides the couple open prongs there were a couple wires that didnt seem to go where they originally were wired. I figured i wasnt sending it back a third time I'll just go wire by wire and place them how they were. Easy right, well maybe for a Chevrolet technician, somewhere along looking crosseyed at all the color I didnt complete my task. So before I took out any frustrations, I walked away for just a few minutes. When I returned I then realized....im screwed. Please if anyone can tell me where to find what pin actually goes where on the main block terminal on the firewall it would help me more then anyone would know. My truck has been down almost 6 months and if I configure this out something else may have to take its place. Thank you in advance for actually reading my issue let alone taking the time to give this idiot some knowledge of your own.
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