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  1. MR Truck - Just my luck - Haha! I would like to make one clarification for anyone that may later need this information. Based on my measurements of the tailgate, a 54" wide ramp is best to completely extend beyond the inner section of the multipro tailgate that can lower. A 52" wide ramp may do fine but what's a few extra bucks to be in the clear and less worry? Note: To clear up any confusion that may have arose over some talking points in this discussion: The specs on the black widow extra-wide ramp is actually 54" not 50". Thanks again for all the info MR Truck!
  2. Yes, I've looked there too. They have 10% off but they add $25 for shipping. I found one like M R Trucks posted that he had but after 10% disc., taxes, and shipping, it's $193+
  3. Thank you my friend! I know what to get now and I feel confident moving forward. Do you recall who you ordered through?
  4. That's good to hear! I've got some questions for you please. 1- Do you have the 5.8' bed? 2- Are you loading a full size atv? 3- Is your BW ramp the that is 50" wide like the one I've attached? Thanks in advance.
  5. I saw that after I posted this. I will definitely utilize that if I attempt to load. Thank you.
  6. Thank you both for your replies. I have considered placing a sheet of plywood to help distribute the weight, I'll probably go that route. I did the same thing on my 4' x 7' Tractor Supply trailer. It has a mesh bottom and by placing (2) full length boards the weight is distributed and prevents sagging. I'm just looking at the option to haul my atv in the bed instead of always trailering it long distances.
  7. Hi, I just purchased a 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 slt crew cab that comes with the multipro tailgate. My question? Has anyone tried loading a full size atv into the bed of their truck? I fully recognize these tailgates are expensive, I just want to know if they'll hold up. I've read the tailgate has a 375 lb load capacity which should be ample for carrying the back end of an atv. I'm looking for feedback from "anyone" that has or tried to do this. Thank you.
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