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  1. Everyone’s triggered! The tailgate is lame because of its 300lb weight limit on that little flap. And yes the jump was about 5 foot high and as you can see I landed perfectly!
  2. Put a little time into making sure all the weight wasn’t on the tailgate but works fine. I can access the hitch without the entire tailgate getting in the way now. The sled isn’t at a very steep pitch either.
  3. So they came out sick, thanks for all the input......
  4. Stock shocks are fine to leave on up to a 2” block. So I’m still running the stock shocks but I might up grade soon.
  5. Glad I could help. Throw up some pictures on the thread when you get it all set up. I’d love to see how it came out.
  6. So I went with a 0 offset on the methods, no spacer needed for the “new caliper”with the MR701. The side wall of the tire just pokes out, it ended up being perfect. I didn’t want to have rock and shit kick up and ruin my paint. But I wanted that aggressive stance. I started a thread about mud flaps cause it does throw a little and the stock flaps don’t do shit. I’m sure with good mud guards I won’t have any throw back on the truck.
  7. I’m running 295/70/17 ridge grapplers And MR701 Method. They didn’t rub at all. Very close but didn’t have to trim anything. The dealer told me that it voids some of the warranty depending on what goes bad first. Then he also went on to tell me, “just take the shocks off and put the stock ones back on” and bring it in if something goes wrong. So maybe if you get it aligned bring it to a local shop so it’s not on the dealers record.
  8. Went with the CST coil overs on mine. With a 1.5in block in the rear. (Should have went 2 inches in the rear) I Eventually need to get the upper control arm but they come stock with a 2in level and you can adjust them up to 3 inches. I don’t dip in the corners anymore they are smooth on all bumps and dirt roads. Install wasn’t difficult and I had the dealer do an alignment after I put them in. (Had to bring it in for the seatbelt recall anyway)
  9. Ouch that sucks. But did anyone put mud flaps on a 2019+ GMC that actually work and look good? I ordered the gatorback finish caps and Rek Gen universal sport truck mud flaps Hopefully it works.
  10. I haven’t found a thread on here that talks or shows picture of mud flaps or mud guards. What’s everyone running with all this new plastic on the GMC. I’ve got my eye on the Gatorback but that’s the only decent set that I’ve seen so far.
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