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  1. I just plan on dropping the end down to 6. I know the struts up front will be fine to install, I just didn’t want to sit uneven while I waited to figure out this notch situation. I’ve seen one or two people say they are sitting at 6 without a notch and only the tires bump the top of the wheel well when they hit a bump in the road. I don’t want to cut if I don’t have to.
  2. I’ve got a 2016 Silverado crew cab 2WD, just put in a McG kit that goes to 5/7, but installer said I would need tubular control arms if I wanted to go lower than 3 (with spindles) with the McG struts (the other 2”), saying my factory control arms would get in the way (I think). We flipped the leaf springs and installed the new hangers, but we didn’t go lower because he said I would need a c notch and a 2 piece drive shaft OR I would need to cut notches in the crossmembers. I know cutting would be the cheaper route, but would it vibrate the frame? I know it’ll hit when I go over bumps, but I don’t want to feel it when I’m driving. Any input is appreciated.
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