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  1. Well, changing out the front two abs wheel sensors didn't fix the issue. At first it seemed right but then it lot up again then it was off and then it was on again lol I didnt mind the work it took to swap those out but dang I’m tired of this intermittent problem garbage!
  2. Well, the grounds were not the issue so I got off my lazy butt and tested the sensors themselves. What I found was that the passenger side sensor output was half the voltage (AC) of the drivers side. I belive that testing the sensor with a multimeter on AC while spining the tire is the proper way to check function. I know that the rate in which I spun each wheel was not exact betwen the two but it wasnt so much of a difference that the voltage should differ by half. What do you guys think? Something else I noticed while troubleshooting this issue is that when not in alarm, unplugging the drivers side sensor only illuminated the abs light but when unplugging the passenger side sensor tripped the abs and brake icons in the dash. Is this the intent to help mechanics differentiate between faulty sides or am I seeing something else and don’t realize it?
  3. Cool deal! I’ll try what you suggested this weekend. Thanks.
  4. Thanks guys, I'm guessing that you mean these two grounds attached to the body mount perch under the drivers footwell just behind the front wheelwell? If so, I'll clean them up and put some DI grease on them this weekend.
  5. I've been getting an intermittent Service Brake System Message along with the ABS light and Parking Brake warning light on my 2003 GMC Yukon 2wd with the 4.8l motor. Sometimes it will be days or a week or two between getting the message or maybe one day to the next but they always clear up after I drive a little, stop and restart the truck,. Sometimes it is as quick as just driving just a couple hundred feet and restarting the truck or it may be when I reach my destination. I'm hoping that it is just an intermittent failure from one of the front ABS sensor but is there a way to check the sensors out with a multimeter to make certain that it is them or just a way to trouble shoot the system in general. It is kind of a tough one since it is an intermittent issue. Thanks in advance!
  6. The freaking drivers side has drove me nuts with leaks for the past several months and what are the freakin odds of all three of the leaks I fixed all being on the rivers side? Go figure lol It is the time to sell this truck beore something else craps itself lol
  7. Damn it I found it! Finally!!! The inner plastic liner behind the door panel was not completly stuck to the door frame. Back in October I replaced the window regualtor and failed to make sure it was tacky enough to hold and so when it would rain, the water would splash on the plastic and run down between the door and panel, onto the plastic threshold and then onto the stinking carpet. I wish that I would have discovered that before I replaced the door seals because now you have to slam the drivers door to get it to close. I was hoping after a week or two the door seal would have relaxed and become easier to close but no luck yet. Any advice on relaxing the door seal so the door will close without slamming lol
  8. That strip confuses me. It unbolts from the body and serves as windshield moulding so it shouldn't be the direct cause of any leaks unless the windshield itself leaks but lots of folks say it solved their issues. We have checked the windshield and no leaks there but I wonder if my leak could be traveling from one cavity to another?
  9. The first leak I found was similar in the way is was coming in only in came from some seam sealer that had cracked near the top of the Same pillar.
  10. I've began chasing a water leak in my 2003 GMC Yukon with NO sunroof since last November and finially found the leak and sealed it up start of January. Carpet has been dry since then until last Wednesday when I found the front drivers side carpet damp. Well, I dried the carpet and jute mat up the same day and wasnt able to find a leak anywhere using the water hose. Carpet was dry until today where it was damp again but we havent had any rain. I ran the AC non stop today so my question is, is there a drain for the ac that if pluged would cause the drivers side carpet to be damp. I checked the drain under the hood on the passenger side and it was clear. I mean the carpet was bone dry yesterday and now today its wet... no rain, no carwash, no spilt drink and the wetness does not smell fishy so I dont belive it to be the heater core plus it is the drivers side carpet not the passenger side... no nothing. Any ideas??
  11. We have thought about getting rid of two (mainly the yukon) but I’m a little bit of a sentimental sap lol
  12. We have an 03' Yukon with 115k miles, 07' Ram with 60k miles, an 08' Armada with 35k miles, a 15' Superduty with 66k miles and lastly a 19' Camry with 2k miles owned from new and only two drivers here lol. I'm no stranger to vehicle maintenance but damn I've just never had so many piddly little things fail in such short order. We do ratate around, well at least I do but my wife sticks with her car now but nothing sits for very long. Now that you mention sitting though, I need to service my tractor before it warms up.
  13. They will get sorted out no doubt about it. The crazy thing is how it all started falling apart when I start driving it ?
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