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  1. Having my summit white door handles with passive entry swapped to chrome ones . Selling my 4 summit white handles if anyone is interested make an offer !
  2. No clue can you even order painted to match handles from gm or are they ordered primed to paint ? No clue but I’m sure someone has black take offs somewhere .
  3. I’d be willing to sell my summit white handles with passive entry if anyone is intirested let me know. !!!
  4. Also do u have the link for the handles you bought ? Found gm chrome ones for $200
  5. Thank you for all the pointers . Think I will just bring to my auto body shop . I would end up breaking stuff lol . How many hrs u think it would take a body shop.? Just trying to plan what im going to pay in labor . Also the glass on the window does not need to be removed right ? .
  6. Good to hear . What do u mean by door cards ? The panels ? I haven’t attempted to do it yet. Thinking about bringing it to the local body shop . Unless I can get enough slack to unplug them from where the door handles are .
  7. Looking to see if anyone has swapped to chrome handles or swapped handles in general with the passive entry . ? How big of a job is it .?
  8. I will take the door handles !!! been looking everywhere for my 2019 With passive entry !!
  9. I will take the door handles !!!!!! Been looking for my 2019 Silverado with passive entry !
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