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  1. i tow a good size dump trailer,,6to 7000 lbs. also a enclosed utility for my bikes and some traveling. but nothing really heavy, was time to go back to gas. not disappointed
  2. well, on another note. had 3 diesels, then bought the 6.6 gas. dont miss putting the bra on, dont miss plugging it in. dont miss def fluid. dont miss 30 to 40 cents a gallon more for fuel. dont miss the warm up times in cold weather. kind of like the gas again. and im not a ford guy. drive what you like. i am. lol. by the way,, the chevy hd front end is the best looking front end out there in my opinion. just saying. lol..... oh,,, and dont miss regens
  3. never heard that ,, anyone expand on that. i would think the oil pump should always have oil.
  4. something is wrong , they will have a fix eventually but we have to complain first. the more i hear it it sounds like a clutch fan issue
  5. im going to have it checked out. doesnt seem right to me
  6. had my 20 gasser for a month. usually only on cold starts after firing, it sounds like the bendix in the starter stays out for a second or so, or a clutch fan type noise. at least thats what it sounds like to me. has anyone noticed this ? thx
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