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  1. Ok, I looked up the part on several parts websites & most of them has said that this part doesn't work for my truck. Do know if this part comes with the Authorization code for GM? I'm hesitant to buy it until I can get some verification. Should I take this part number to the dealer & have them verify that its correct? I just dont want to shell out a bunch of $$ if it doesn't work. Steve
  2. Sure Thanks! The last 8 : BZ296670 The Part Number that I have been trying to get is 17801236 Steve
  3. DO you know where I can get the GM Accessory Remote Start Kit? Every deal I've called will only tell me that the part has been discontinued & I end up in a vicious circle between service and Parts. Steve
  4. I've checked everywhere trying to get the "GM Remote Start Accessory Package" I have called several dealerships & am told that that part # is discontinued. No one will help. Can I buy the OEM Key FOBS elsewhere & have a dealership work on the unlock code part? Best advise to proceed? Thanks, Steve
  5. I have a 2011 GMC Sierra 1500. It has the Remote Start Prep Kit installed (AP8). I've been trying to get the remote start Kit that includes the 2 Key Fobs and Authorization # for GM Service to reprogram the computer, however every dealership that I call say that the Part has been discontinued and no longer available. My understanding is that this "Part" only contains the Key fobs, and GM authorization code. I've checked everywhere online, but no one has the GM "Part". Any help here? Can I buy the GM Key Fobs elsewhere, and still have the dealer re-program? It seems Im in a vicious circle. Thanks, Steve
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