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  1. Thanks! Yeah, if I'm not mistaken it looks like the only black bezeled and z71 badged grille was the midnight edition with the chrome slats(pic). I don't hate the honeycomb, and will probably just go with that. Just wanted to see if there was an option for both since I love the straight lines in this grille. On another note, finding color-matched bumpers at a reasonable price is harder than I thought. If anyone with gloss black 2015 bumpers is looking to trade for chrome let me know!
  2. First post on the forum, looking for an all black z71 grille for a 2015 1500 like the one shown, but instead of chrome around the outside, gloss black. Only ones I've seen do not have the Z71 logo (also Shown), which I would like to keep if possible. Thanks!
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