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  1. Oh wow, do you happen to have a link so I can show my dealer? Thanks brother
  2. Hello all - I currently have 600 miles on my TrailBoss LT and am exceedingly happy with it compared to my 2016 Z71. There is only one issue I am having, and it’s an unsettling noise. So far the noise is not correlated to any drivability issues. I noticed when driving (slowly) through a patch of grass and then more regularly as I backed into my driveway. It seems anytime the truck is on an uneven surface or flexed, it occurs whether in drive or reverse. I can describe the noise as follows: Bowling ball in bed Clunking in rear end Popping in rear end I’ve come some searching on forums and I’ve seen some people say it could be leaf springs or loose spare tire. Thoughts or similar issues?
  3. -275/70r18 BFG K02 tires -Bilstein 5100s 2.5 inch struts and matching rear shocks -I had the OE wheels painted as close to the shade of gray on body paint -I debadged the truck minus tailgate Bow tie -Added black Z71 badges to doors and grille -Bought OE illuminated bow tie package which comes with illuminated grille bow tie and regular black for tailgate -I’ve had 2 front end collisions so I had body shop swap the lower chrome mustache to the black one -Took off the lower valance 2inch air dam -20 percent window tint in front to match factory rears -Windshield tint bra -Added an OE drivers grab handle -Put on 4 inch black carbon running boards from Tyger
  4. Looks great! i have 275/70r18 K02s on mine. rides like a slug considering I have the 3.08 gears. You didn’t have to change out your rear shocks for the 6.5 lift? I didn’t think the Bilsteins would be long enough
  5. It appears that the the 4 inch BDS lift cannot be used with the OE 17 or 18 inch wheels. I’d like to keep my wheels stock. I saw a guy the other day at the gas station with a midnight Z71 with about a 4-6 inch lift. He had factory 18 inch wheels on, so I’m wondering what kind of lift he had. I wanted to ask him but I couldn’t get his attention.
  6. So I’m looking at some of the kits on the BDS website. What is the different between coil over and not coil over?
  7. Please help. My knowledge on lifts is very limited. Would you recommend a 4.5 inch lift or a 6 inch lift for mine? I have Bilstein 5100s on it, would I be able to keep them?
  8. So after much consideration between a body lift and suspension lift, I’ve decided to go forth with a suspension lift. I currently have Bilstein 5100 adjustable struts and matching shocks on my 2016 Silverado 1500 Z71. Bear in mind, I know nothing about lifts. If I got a 4-6 inch lift kit, would I be able to keep my Bilstein 5100s if so would you recommend doing so? I’ve heard a lot of things regarding ball joints going bad with certain lifts, anyway to prevent that from happening? thanks all for your opinions and help.
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