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  1. Well I got a dished flywheel and guess what davester you would of never guessed I got the engine in today and the trans starter. It moved the whole engine 3/4 of a inch back and transmission but yeah 2003 vortec v6 in a 1996 chevy truck whats up. Now davester Mr know it all you don't know squat I'll post pics soon dipstick dave
  2. Did you think the the adapter issue would work to get the trans bolted up what are you thinking bell housing and the cock ring dished fly wheel and the torque converter adapter and bolts. Does that sound right mr davester as for the sensors I got that man that is minor stuff as I noted before I have researched alot the only difference in engine is fuel injection in intake swap back to the old one no prob use the new one just has updated injectors no problem the big thing is the trans to new 4.3 issue but I see it as the same as the 5.3 to older trans right
  3. I'm trying to swap 4.3 2003 into 1998 4l60e its done on ls swaps all the time I think I need bellhousing flex plate torque converter adapter anyone chime in no negative Nancy's please
  4. I was thinking something like this. What do you think on this negative nacy
  5. Every thing you read is on how to bolt old tranny on ls motor. Since new 4.3 shares same tranny I really think this would work or am I missing something
  6. Yeah all sensors plugs are all the same on engine I think a bell housing swap and one of the kits with dished flex plate longer bolts and. Torque converter adapter starter from 03 would definitely get it going might have to switch intake too since fuel injection might be different. Do you think that would work
  7. So there is a 3/4 inch difference in the bellhousing so. Do I beed a adapter for torque conv. Just swap back to old flywheel I see something like this done on all the ls swaps
  8. So next question how do I make the old 4l60e bolt to the new engine then since that's the real problem is. The trans having no controller the engine can be ran by old computer but not trans right
  9. I have also read that the v6 and v8 4l60e are the same
  10. I read alot of guys putting these engines in jeeps and they didnt have to many problems either I think this can be done with some found knowledge. That I'm not getting. From. Davester
  11. So what you are saying is in. There is no possible way I can make this swap work even with the 03 computer and harness in the 1996. But it was already done once from a 1996 vortec 5.7 to a 1998 4.3 v6. And that worked till this engine started knocking 3 years later.
  12. I read they just adapted the 4.3 to work on the ls trans which had different bell housing torque converter. And spline size 300mm. And as long as I stay away from Trans with vehicle speed sensor. Whichnis a 2005 computer should be fine trans plug is same.
  13. Will the 1998 computer and harness not plug into the newer engine and transmission. The 1996 truck was already swaped to a 1998 GMC jimmy engine and trans. 4.3 vortec and 4l60e. And the 2003 is a 4.3 vortec and 4l60e all plugs seem to be the same the fuel injection system did chang in the intake but ive read quiet a bit it would work I do have 2003 harness and computer
  14. Im swapping a 4.3 out of a silverado 2003 into a 1996 silverado trans is 4l60 e. Out of a 1998 jimmy they changed transmission to ls style for. 2003 4.3. Do they sell adapters for this. Or a special torque converter. Can I just use the ls to 4l60e adapter with new bell housing if I swap trans to 2003 it moves everything back 3/4 of an inch do I have to modify drive shaft trans mount
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