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  1. I wanted to use the switches from the gmupfitter but I was worried about not being able to see them. I still don’t have them all hooked up yet. I have flush mounted back up lights, air compressor and power inverter inside tool box and led strip inside tool box and a still can’t turn in any of it. Thanks for the thoughts!
  2. If you scroll up a few pics you can see the black ground wire. I Ttapped into the ground on the big grey plug. On a side note my radar quit working after a couple weeks. It works with the cig cord but not my hardwired cord ( which I already replaced). I am getting 12 volts at the RJ11.
  3. When I get some more time I’ll post the finished product. I just run a four wire (trailer light wires) harness from the switch bank thru the firewall, or a floor plug/grommet, and then to the accessory it will control. Mine will probably be backup lights (flush mounted in bumper), toolbox lights, onboard air compressor and not sure on number four yet.
  4. I’m not thrilled with the way the switches look. I might change them out later.
  5. While I was in here I located a switched wire (purple wire on black plug). I chopped my escort cord and tapped into that wire so radar is hardwired.
  6. The large unused plug has large red (+) and large black (-) wires are either end. The red is a constant. Just T-tap into them. Using a cardboard template, cut a hole in the headliner.
  7. I added some overhead switches for my accessories. Just a quick walk thru. Remove two ‘L’ shaped trim pieces. Towards the front are two T15 screws (way up in the holes). Remove them and there are two clips holding the console towards the rear of unit.
  8. Kudos to Limelight! There are two T15 screws towards the mirror. They are way up in there. No need to remove the two T10 screws. Just pull the two T15 and then pull down.
  9. Can’t get the trim piece off. The rear window switch is in the way. Anybody know if the rocker pops off of the switch?
  10. I think he is wanting to do the same thing I am.
  11. Less than 500 miles on new 3500 LTZ and its in the shop with an trany leak. The dealership has know idea how long it will be because supposedly no one has parts on the shelf yet for these new Allisons.
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